Art and Design

Art and Design develops each child’s:

  • creativity and imagination
  • technical skills in the use and control of materials and equipment
  • critical, visual and aesthetic awareness so they can make informed judgements about art
  • ability to use all their senses as a means of investigating, exploring and discovering the world around them
  • creative response to problem solving
  • design capability
  • confidence in producing art and the ability to value it and to take pleasure from it

It also enables them to:

  • study the ideas, processes and products of other artists, craft workers and designers and to value their contributions and respond imaginatively and critically
  • respond to and understand ideas, images and objects from many cultures

How we teach Art and Design

Art and Design is taught as a subject in its own right as well as being used to complement and support learning in other subjects.  This is because the skills, knowledge and understanding, imagination and creativity required are particular to Art and Design.

Art is taught in a number of ways:

  • direct teaching through the demonstration of skills, styles, and use of materials
  • teacher guidance during activities
  • teacher modelling during activities
  • spontaneous or unplanned learning where children will be given opportunities to explore techniques and materials for themselves
  • access to artefacts, posters and books both during lessons and through classroom display
  • visits to galleries and art events
  • workshops by visiting artists and craftspeople

Art is taught during Topic Sessions. Each term has a focus for example as weaving, sculpture. Skills are introduced and practised over the weeks and a final finished piece produced- this may be an individual or group piece. Children are encouraged to evaluate and refine their work as they go.

The teacher assesses children’s development at the end of the year, basing judgements on the examples of work produced in each topic. We strongly believe that art is a process and is not about product and we do not plan for finished products to be uniform or perfect.