Music is a highly creative subject that should engage and inspire pupils.

Children are taught to:

  1. Use their voices expressively and creatively
  2. Listen to and understand music- live and recorded
  3. Experiment with and create and combine sounds using tuned and untuned instruments

The music curriculum is delivered through a mixture of class work and group work, either by the class teacher or a specialist dependent on staff skills and expertise.

The musical elements of pitch, duration, timbre, texture, dynamics and structure will be progressively introduced, discussed and understood. 

Music is taught largely as a discreet subject, but may be linked to other curriculum areas. 

Musical activities are planned in such a way as to encourage full and active participation and enjoyment by all children irrespective of ability. Equal value and consideration is given to music from all cultures.  Children will be given opportunities to listen to and discuss as wide a range of music as possible.

All children attend a singing Assembly once a week where they sing familiar songs and learn new songs.

Music and singing are included as part of any school performance.