School Meals

Most children stay at school for lunch and eat a school meal. These offer a choice of meat (halal), fish or vegetarian dishes. There is a choice of a pudding, fresh fruit or crackers for a second course. Our menu is meat free every Monday.

Children collect their meal from the serving hatch, collect their cutlery and make a choice from the salad bar, before taking a seat in the hall with their friends. Water is available to have with their meal.

Children are encouraged to try everything but are not made to eat everything on their plates. If they really don’t like something an alternative will be offered within reason.

School meals are nutritious and meet the guidelines set out in the Food Standards.
Food allergies are catered for and great care is taken in this regard.

The youngest children eat first and Year 1 and Year 2 children are called in from the playground a class at a time and return to the playground after eating.

Free school meals

All primary aged pupils receive free school meals in Newham schools. There is an online registration process via the Newham website. It is very important to complete this registration as it can affect school funds.

Newham free school meal application

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