Our School Building

We are a single storey purpose built Infant School, built in the 1970s.

We have recently expanded to provide accommodation for an additional 30 children in each year group – 3 forms of entry up to 4 forms of entry. We now have 4 Reception classes who will move up the school. We will be at full capacity from September 2016.

The school has a dedicated Early Years area with 2 pairs of Reception classes which are interconnected, and a conjoined Nursery class. Between them they have a large outdoor space which is very well used.

The Year 1 classes are grouped together and our 4 Year 2 classes are along our new corridor to the front of school.

All classrooms have direct access on to the outdoor space. There is a central hall which is used for school lunches, PE lessons and Assemblies.

To the rear of school we have a woodland play area, much loved by the children. This provides scope for natural play and climbing and balancing on the climbing frame. The rest of the playground is used for more traditional games and PE lessons.

Also to the rear of the school is a building that houses Chestnuts Nursery who run both a Nursery and breakfast and after school provision for children aged 5-11.

They can be contacted on 020 8555 8119