Educational visits

We think learning away from school is a very important part of learning. Visits stimulate thinking, develop knowledge and understanding and broaden children’s experiences.

We aim for each topic to have a planned visit as well as drawing more spontaneously on the immediate local area.
We make full use of the free travel offered to schools by Transport for London and plan visits to places with no entry charge as far as possible. We do, sometimes ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the costs of educational visits.

See our full charging policy

All visits are carefully planned and full risk assessments are carried out before the visit is authorised. We invite a small number of parents to accompany each visit. We cannot take too many extra adults as that can make the visit harder to manage and increase risks to children’s safety. We try to ensure parents who want to come get a chance at some point during the year.

We provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
We also provide a wide range of additional activities that enrich our offer. These take many forms and include:

Activity Purpose Example
Visits to museums, galleries To stimulate interest and engagement
To learn about life in different times and places
Provide a starting points for own work in art for example
To take part in workshops to give real experiences
Ragged School museum
Toy Museum
Africa Gallery at British Museum- Year 2 Africa topic
Cutty Sark- Year 2 Pirates topic
Visits to local parks Collections of sketches, natural objects etc to build upon in class  
Visitors to school Drama workshops bring a topic to life and give “real experiences” Great Fire of London workshop
Music performances To give a real, enjoyable experience
To develop listening and  appreciation skills
Ensemble from Newham academy of Music
Samba workshop
Visits to local places of worship To hear first-hand, see artefacts and be able to ask questions Gurdwara, Mosque, Synagogue
Pantomime performance Stimulate ideas for own performance
Enjoyment and broaden experiences
Visitors to school To learn about elements of safety and staying safe Fire safety officers
Police officer
Road safety workshop
Partnerships with other providers To provide specialist input for a project Raise aspirations Computing input from NPW advisory team
Dance coach
Globe Shakespeare project 2014- joint project with Junior school
Ad hoc visitors To give a taster for different activities that may be taken up outside school and increase activity levels Cheer leading day
Circus workshops
Charity events Play a part in the wider community Red Nose Day
Woolly Hat day etc


After School Clubs

Staff lead after school clubs throughout the year. We have a range of both sporting and creative activities.
The offer includes:

Handball or Tennis
Maths Games
Indian Dance

Sessions are from 3.45-4.45.

Places are allocated 3 times per year and every effort is made to ensure children who want a place get one. As some clubs are often over-subscribed it is not always possible to give every child their first choice. All clubs are free of charge to pupils although cookery club asks for a weekly contribution towards the cost of ingredients.