Working at Woodgrange

Why work at Woodgrange?

As an Infant school we have a strong focus on the needs of young learners and this means PLAY!

Our climate for learning is playful and we encourage exploration by our children and innovation by our staff.

Our curriculum is underpinned by 3 drivers:

  1. Communication– You won’t find silent classrooms at our school as we encourage children to play, share their ideas, and collaborate with learning partners. We like a busy buzz in classrooms.
  2. A growth mindset– a positive, can do attitude with adults giving children feedback to encourage them to reflect and improve. This means most marking is in the moment and we do not overburden teachers with distance marking but we do expect visible progress. We are very curious and enjoy exploring new ideas and learning from research and good practice, both within and beyond our school. We like to make changes in response to the children and to new ideas.
  3. Values and responsibilities– children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour. This applies to staff. We have high expectations and check on pupil progress regularly but do not prescribe how you teach… there is no script. This means it can be hard work because our way of teaching does not generally rely on published schemes, power points and work sheets.

What can you expect from us?

We offer:

  • Leadership who listen
  • A calm, well organised working environment
  • A friendly team
  • A collaborative approach to planning, preparation and professional development
  • A TA in every classroom
  • Spacious, well equipped classrooms
  • A professional development programme that includes peer observations, visits to other settings, use of research, coaching conversations
  • Pupil progress meetings that use a problem solving/ coaching approach to work with you to improve outcomes for children in your class
  • Realistic expectations of workload
  • Collaboration beyond Woodgrange
  • Excellent experience of inclusion

What do we expect from you?

  • A commitment to us as a community working to provide the best education for our pupils and their families
  • Flexibility, a willingness to explore, experiment and learn from others, including undertaking professional reading
  • A growth mindset: willingness to respond to feedback and continually seek to improve your practice