Welcome to Woodgrange

Due to the current health situation and in line with Government policy school is only partially open.

From 15th June we opened to Reception classes. Due to the high numbers returning we are not able to open more widely. 

If you are a key worker and are looking for child care please contact us on info@woodgrange.newham.sch.uk . 

If you need help or advice of any sort DO NOT HESITATE to get in touch email info@woodgrange.newham.sch.uk. or look on www.newham.gov.uk for sources of help.

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Our Philosophy

Woodgrange is a nurturing school at the heart of the community.

We provide a child-centred, high quality learning environment where children learn through play and exploration that fosters their curiosity, confidence and a love of learning. 
We actively promote the following learning attributes in all of our children:

  • Curiosity
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Critical thinking 
  • Resilience
  • Being reflective
  • Independence 

These are illustrated through our learning Power characters

  • Curious cat
  • Helpful Hippo
  • Go for it Gorilla
  • Tough Tortoise
  • Focus Fox

We recently asked our parents what they would tell a friend about our school. Here are some of their responses

The school:

“.Fantastic community focused school truly passionate about learning and its students”

“.Woodgrange instills a foundation that enables children to grow both academically and personally”

Its a lovely school. They care about the children and are interested in progressive ways to learn, my child is really happy.”

“I love that its gentle on the children. It allows them to develop at a pace which keeps the enjoyment of learning alive.”

Sarah Söyler, Headteacher

If you wish to Talk to us please ask for Mrs Dhingra or any of the office team who will be able to direct your query to the right person.