Inclusion and Equalities


As a staff we are committed to providing a truly inclusive education and we endeavour to ensure that all aspects of our curriculum and environment facilitate this. In partnership with parents and other professionals we strive to provide for the needs of all the individual children in our care.

We have adopted an approach to teaching and learning that we believe is developmentally appropriate for the age group we specialise in. This gives all children the opportunity to play, explore and develop at their own pace whilst being skilfully and carefully guided by the adults who work with them. All children can thrive and be included in this environment.

Alongside the opportunities to mix with their peers, children with additional needs receive well planned additional sessions linked to their developmental targets. More information on our graduated approach can be found below in our SEN Info report.

Our Inclusion Lead- Nicola DeLasalle- is happy to respond to any queries. We welcome visits to our school to discuss how our experienced team meet your child’s individual needs. 

We are a scerts school. We do not endorse the A.B.A approach.


At Woodgrange we believe in the inherent equality of all individuals, irrespective of physical or mental ability, gender or race, and try to reflect these both in learning opportunities we offer the children and in the general manner in which all those who come into contact with our school are treated. We wholeheartedly endorse the Local Authority’s Equal Opportunities policy.

Our curriculum is designed to be representative of the community we serve and we firmly believe that “if you can’t see it, you can;t be it.” We received very positve feedback from Education4Change when they audited our curriculm in 2022. 

2023 update to Equality Objectives (1)