Inclusion and Equalities


As a staff we are committed to the Local Authority policy on inclusive education and we endeavour to ensure that all aspects of our curriculum and environment facilitate this. In partnership with parents and other professionals we strive to provide for the needs of all the individual children in our care.

We are a scerts school. We do not endorse the A.B.A approach.

The Woodgrange Infant School Offer 

ALL pupils will access:

 High quality teaching and learning
 Individual reading
 Deliberate practice of key skills such as reading, handwriting and number fluency
 Differentiated resources and scaffolding for learning where extra support is required
 Reasonable adjustments to the environment and equipment for pupils with disabilities
 Accurate assessment that identifies next steps in learning and development
 Speech and language assessment in EYFS or as a mid-phase entrant
 After school clubs and educational visits
 Regular communication with parents/ carers in relation to their child’s progress and targets

Some pupils with additional SEN needs will access:

 Targeted interventions and support matched to their needs
 Individualised target setting
 Support plans
 Personalised progress tracking and assessment of need
 Access to flexible working groups
 Access to additional adult support for specific tasks such as
o Speech and language group sessions
o Listening skills groups
o Additional reading
o Additional phonics sessions
o Social skills/ friendship groups
o Targeted fine motor skills sessions

A few pupils with complex or significant needs will access:

 A personalised timetable
 Close adult support – 1:1 or in a small group
 More detailed or comprehensive support plans
 Individually designed specialist programmes
 Access to external specialist services and therapists such as
o Speech and language therapist
o Educational Psychologist
o Occupational therapist
o Language, communication Interaction service (LCIS)
o Behaviour support service (BSS)
 Occupational Therapy programmes
 Physiotherapy programmes
 Life skills activities– shopping ,cooking, travelling
 Out and About group activities such as parks or farms
 Sensory activity sessions
 Social Skills groups
 Intensive Interaction sessions
 Specialised communication tools such as PECs/ Proloquo2go
 Separate quiet lunch room area
 Small step Tracking of achievement (P Levels/ B Squared)


At Woodgrange we believe in the inherent equality of all individuals, irrespective of physical or mental ability, gender or race, and try to reflect these both in learning opportunities we offer the children and in the general manner in which all those who come into contact with our school are treated. We wholeheartedly endorse the Local Authority’s Equal Opportunities policy.