The Wider Curriculum

We base much of our teaching around a core book because this provides a context for the children and allows us to introduce them to the world beyond their immediate experience. Core books are selected on their merit and according to how engaging they will be.

We aim for them to be progressively more challenging as children move through the school. This does not necessarily mean more challenging in reading age but can be by theme or subject matter. For example a book with no text at all can provide a vehicle for rich literature if the illustrations are complex and many layered.

Core books at Woodgrange

Using quality texts as a starting point, Teachers plan engaging learning that encompasses National Curriculum subjects such as Art and Design, Design Technology, Geography, History, Science and Computing.  Some elements of Music- listening and composing and dance sessions may also link with the theme of the core book.

Links between subjects are made but only where this adds to the learning.

Underpinning our planning is the school’s curriculum progression which ensures knowledge; skills and understanding build up over time.

We do plan for some repetition and revisiting of ideas as this helps children deepen their understanding and commit knowledge to their longer term memory.

Some subjects: Computing, Music, PE and Religious Education are taught as separate lessons.

RE is delivered across a week each half term to enable children to explore more deeply and make a visit to a local place of worship.