About Our School

Our Values and Aims

We offer an inclusive and enriched curriculum to develop all aspects of learning for children. We have a dedicated and skilled staff body who work hard with our governors and parents to promote good progress and attainment for all. We have high expectations of everyone in our school and value their contribution.

School Aims

We aim for all children to

  • develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to reason and question and become independent learners
  • develop a love of learning and acquire a good foundation of skills and knowledge for future learning
  • achieve highly
  • behave well and apply themselves purposefully to all tasks
  • explore their own creativity and appreciate the work of others
  • develop both an understanding of and a respect for other races, religions and cultures
  • have a sense of self-respect and self-esteem, as well as the ability to co-operate and work with others

In our school we expect children to

  • Show respect for each other as learners
  • Try their best
  • Be active participants in learning
  • Show resilience and perseverance
  • Respond to challenges and challenge them selves
  • Respond and act upon feedback
  • Show respect for each other and adults
  • Respect school property and environment
  • Understand boundaries
  • Know and follow school rules

Adults in school are all committed to supporting children to develop these skills and attributes.

Equal Opportunities

At Woodgrange we endeavour to meet the needs of everyone in our school.  We believe in the inherent equality of all individuals, irrespective of physical or mental ability, gender or race, and reflect these both in the learning opportunities we offer the children and in the general manner in which all those who come into contact with our school are treated.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Borough’s Equal Opportunities policy.

Anti-Racist Statement

The school is opposed to any form of racism and racist behaviour.  All children have the right to the best possible education. This means recognising the varied cultural backgrounds of the children and reflecting them in a positive way throughout the life of our school and our curriculum. We are determined that all children will see themselves and their lived experiences reflected and represented positively at school.

Data protection

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