Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding given to schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers. (Dfe website)

This funding is used to support the attainment and progress of children who are entitled to free school meals.
Each year schools must report how they have used this funding and what the impact has been.

What was the impact of our Pupil premium spend?                                             

Pupil Premium Grant strategy 21-22

How will we use this year’s allocation?

How will we use this year’s allocation?



Intended Impact

Staff training


Playful learning

Word aware

Communication/ ASD friendly classroom strategies

Speech and language strategies

Drama and oracy strategies

Maths Mastery – sustaining mastery programme- release maths lead to support and develop teaching

Staff able to extend and support ALL children through play

Classrooms are language rich

children use increasingly wide range of vocabulary- gaining access to learning, improving comprehension and writing outcomes

gap in attainment in maths reduces across all phases


Refreshing resources to ensure all children see themselves reflected in book collections and images presented


Updating maths resources to include recently researched developments


Adapt Y1/2 curriculum to ensure accessible and meaningful for all

children’s self esteem improves impacting on engagement in learning and aspirations

Quality manipulatives support learning for all – concrete resources support those with language needs

Speech and language support programmes/ training  staff and resources

Groups and individuals supported by SLT and by school staff delivering programmes

Training for teachers & TAs

Staff competence and skills set well established providing sustainability within school.

Good practice embedded across school

Reading support TA

Regular reading practice for identified children (Year 2)

licenses for online programmes

outcomes in reading improve

Speech and language support TA

2 days per week – groups and 1:1

Increased capacity to deliver programmes

Speech Bubbles

Drama and oracy programme led by external practitioner with TA support

Improved confidence to talk. Widened vocabulary and grasp of story structure- impact on comprehension and writing


Wider Strategies


Identified senior lead for raising attainment of disadvantaged pupils (DD)

Equivalent of 2 days AHT time to target support at hard to reach families and children.

Working in tandem with family support worker and subject leads

Engagement and progress of disadvantaged pupils improves- children have a more positive experience in school and are seen to flourish in class.

Family support worker/ attendance officer

Role combined to make better use of time and funds

Attendance and engagement of disadvantaged pupils improves

Support for emotional health


The Colour monster texts and resources


Children are able to share and explain their emotions. Improved levels of well being, and self regulation (metacognition.

Sports Premium 2020-21

We receive £16,000 p.a. This fund is used to employ our part time Sports Coach who delivers high quality gymnastics and games sessions in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & Year 2). She also ensures the children are active during outdoor learning times and Lunchtimes. This year we have also refreshed our sports equipment such as investing in new basketball hoops.