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We hope that you will see us around the school. Some of us are parents so are at the school regularly, but even those who are not will visit the school regularly.

If you want to contact the governors, the best way to do this is through the school. If you contact the school office, Sarah the Head Teacher, or the Deputy Head, they will put you in contact with us.

We hold termly coffee mornings where you can come and meet us, find out more about school and have your say! 

If you are unhappy

There is a formal complaints process which the governors are part of, so if you have a serious concern about something at Woodgrange, you can ask us to look at this for you.

You should always contact the school before going to the governing body. There are several reasons for this: firstly that in almost all cases concerns you have can be addressed and put right more quickly and easily if you go straight to the person concerned. If you are worried about something please speak firstly to the teacher or person involved, and if this is not helpful then speak to Sarah Soyler the Head Teacher. The other important reason not to go straight to a governor is that if you decide to pursue a formal complaint, it needs to be considered carefully in line with the policy. This means it should be looked at fairly by people who are not involved in the complaint, and can consider the information with an open mind. If governors are involved too early in the process, this might mean your complaint can’t be properly considered formally later on if this is necessary.

If you want more information about this process, or are concerned or worried about something, please speak to Sarah Soyler wherever possible. Generally, she will be able to help you.

After you have spoken to your child’s teacher, and to Sarah, if you are still concerned then you can complain to the governors. Before you do, please download and read the complaints process, which is below. This will tell you about what you can expect, what will happen next, and when you will hear back from us.

The Complaints Procedure


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